Which Type Of Window Is Best For You?

Tom Adams Windows and Carpets serves the tri-state area with a vast array of windows. Carrying the leading brand names, as well as a multitude of materials, styles, and colors, we offer something that every homeowner or builder can fit into their project perfectly. Choosing the right window can be hard for any homeowner.

How do I decide which type of window I need? Let the experts weigh in.

Bay Window

Bay windows are a combination of picture, casement, and double hung windows projecting outwards from the house. Just by adding this into your home it can significantly change the room – adding space, volume, and light. Typically, the interior and header seats are made of birch or oak, depending on the manufacturer. Additionally, you can paint or stain the interior seats. Or go for the “dogged ears,” a Philly special, lengthening the interior bottom sill.

Bow windowBow Window

Every feature listed above for bays applies to bows. Consisting of four or five windows, bows normally have at least three window combinations. Each window in a bow is equal in size although the angle can differ based on the particular job. You can choose a style for each window from casement, double hung, and picture.



Casement Window

Casement windows open and close easily by turning a handle, making them ideal for behind sinks and counters. They hinge at the side and open outward to the left or right. Typically taller than they are wide, the entire sash opens to provide exceptional ventilation.


Double Hung Window

double hung windows
A double hung window has a top sash that slides down and a bottom sash that slides up for better air infiltration. Unlike others, both sashes can tilt in and open. This way, you can access the outside glass from the inside, making it easier to clean. This style can come with either a standard half screen or full screen, protecting your home from insects while enjoying fresh air. Easy to operate and easy to clean, they are also energy efficient with an air-tight seal.


Picture Window

Square or rectangular picture windows are stationary. They don’t open, but they allow maximum light into the room. Combine them with a double hung, casement, or shape window to accent an opening. There are several options for grids available to coordinate with your home’s design.


Shape Window

Shape windows are picture windows that aren’t square or rectangular. They are also stationary and non-opening. A uniquely-shaped window will stand out – bringing texture, design, and shadowing into your home. There are many possibilities. Your budget and imagination are your only limits.

family in living room with double hung windowsWith access to the top brand names, we install new windows and replacement style windows. Select from high-quality wood, fiberglass, metal clad, vinyl, and more. Our collection of windows come in a multitude of colors to match any home’s decor. Visit one of our Tom Adams Windows and Carpets showrooms to see for yourself!

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Why is there Condensation on my New Window?

“Why is there condensation on my new window? I can’t see a thing!”

This is a common question from homeowners after they have installed new windows in their home. There are ways to alleviate the issue, but first lets figure out why this happens.

Why Does Condensation Happen?
window with condensation on it next to provia door

Condensation on our Windows in our Churchville Showroom.

Condensation occurs where humid air comes into contact with air, or a surface, which is at a lower temperature. Air contains water vapor. The warmer the air, the greater is its capacity for carrying water vapor. When warm, moist air comes into contact with a cooler surface, or cooler air, it drops in temperature, and loses some of its capacity for storing moisture, so some of it is released to form condensation in the air, as steam, or on the surface, as water droplets.

You commonly see this happen when you take a shower and the mirror fogs up or when you are having a cold drink on a hot summer day.

How Do We Fix Condensation Build Up?

It can be pretty annoying that you just bought new windows and you cannot even see out of them. When I come in early, sometimes the windows in our showroom fog up. This does not mean we installed the windows incorrectly; in a way, having condensation on your new windows show that it is working correctly. If your old windows were not having condensation build up, that means the air was going through your windows. Those drafty windows needed to be replaced.

window with condensation on it next to provia door in churchville showroom

Another picture of Condensation on our Windows in our Churchville Showroom

Now that we know condensation shows your new windows are actually working , what can we do to fix it? Here are a few tips to getting rid of condensation on your windows:

-Make sure your vents are open in your home

-Open your windows (when it is practical) to let interior moisture escape

-Use ceiling fans to keep air circulating in your home

-Turn on the fan located in your kitchen during and after you cook to let the hot air out

-Use the fan located in your bathroom during and after your shower for the same reason

-Use a dehumidifier

We hope you found this article informational. If you have any questions about your windows, please call Tom Adams Windows and Carpets at 215-357-7000. If you would like to see more tips, please follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

“Why Should I Buy Your Door?”

unnamedWhy Signet Fiberglass Doors?

Here are my top reasons buyers should choose Signet Fiberglass Doors.

1. Superior Stiles & Rails
The details of the stile & rail system design make a very compelling case for choosing Signet:

Corners are dovetailed, not tack nailed. Dovetails are what you see in high-end construction or kitchen cabinetry. If you inspect kitchen drawers, when you buy something a little less expensive they’ll be stapled or glued together. Our dovetails give the door stronger construction that helps prevent warping and bowing.

The strength of the stile & rail system. A typical door in the marketplace has a 1-5/8″ rail all the way around the door that’s tack nailed or glued. On our Signet doors the strike side rail is a 4-1/4″, 4-ply hardwood stile. While most fiberglass doors have a multi-piece construction in the rail around the lockbox, the Signet strike side rail runs continuously through the height of the door, eliminating the need for a lockbox. This not only adds to the overall strength of the door, but also enhances security.

Drier wood materials. Many manufacturers use a softer wood. This means that where there are laminated veneers, any sort of moisture or cold/hot fluctuations can cause the materials to expand and contract. Just like quality-grade hardwood for furniture, our hardwood stiles and rails are kiln dried. This pre-stabilizes the wood so you don’t have as much expansion and contraction.

All of these Signet design elements make for a much more structurally-sound door that lasts. They help to resist the dreaded warping and bowing that no homeowner wants.

2. Ability to Customize
Customization is one of our sweet spots at ProVia, and it really does set us apart. We offer customized door and sidelite widths and heights in 1⁄8″ increments.

3. Authentic Wood Grain Appearance
Through the use of nickel vapor deposition technology to create Signet door skins, the Signet achieves the look of a realistic wood species. This provides the look of a real wood door, without the inherent maintenance required with a wood door.

It’s Worth It!

Give the homeowner great peace of mind and value for every dollar spent with the multiple realistic wood species options, the various stain and paint pre-finishing choices, the attention to details some can’t (won’t) apply, the overall construction, and the warranties that go along with the Signet. I think this makes the Signet well worth purchasing, and I bet lots of your customers will feel the same way.

Wes Ley, Door Brand Manager from ProVia

Before & After Photos – Flooring

We like to personally thank all our customers that have allowed us into their homes the last 62 years. Here are some happy customers that wanted to show their floors, before and after Tom Adams       Windows and Carpets entered their home.

Hardwood Flooring – Popularity

This is the first blog in a series about the growing popularity of Hard Surface flooring. We will be going through hardwood flooring, vinyl and laminate trends. Some of the questions will be focusing on is how to choose the right flooring, sales representative, and deciding on which flooring company is good for you.

Popularity of Hardwood Flooring

Hard Surface (or Hardwood flooring) has become more popular than Soft Surface (Carpet) products due to changing fashion trends; whether it be through local designers, home fashion magazines or the HGTV type remodel shows. Most remodels are geared around hard surface products. Carpet has been relegated to smaller sections of today’s homes, bedrooms and family rooms.

Castle Combe Artisans - Byrdcliffe - Hardwood Flooring

Castle Combe Artisans – Byrdcliffe

According to the American Pets Products Association’s National Pet Owners Survey, 65% of U.S. households own a pet. Hard surface products are the preferred choice for pet owners because of the perceived ease of clean ability. Pets shed and sometimes make a mess. Even though carpet can be easy to clean and some carpet companies provide pet cleaning warranties, people believe that hard surfaces are easier to clean up by wiping it down.

Changing Trends in Flooring

Trends in flooring have changed over the years. In the 1960’s if a homeowner owned carpet in their home, they were considered wealthy. If a person had hardwood, they were perceived to be poor. In the 60’s, Hardwood came in a small variety of 3-5 colors and 2 widths for the average homeowner and builder. Carpets came in 10-15 colors with a variety of texture and plush thickness- the thicker carpet were thought as better products.

The availability of hardwood products has changed in the past 50 years. The variety of hardwood type, style, width, color, texture available can make decision making more difficult than ever. Over 100 different combinations are available in today’s flooring store. More than ever the sales representative, from the flooring store, has become the best asset to a homeowner. The sales representative has direct knowledge of each floor and how they perform in different homes. Salesmen can provide testimonials from previous customers on that product as well. Our customers can learn from other home owner’s decisions on the products, installation type and areas that have new hard surface flooring.

Castle Combe Artisans -Prince Ave. - Hardwood Flooring

Castle Combe Artisans – Prince Ave.

The Internet is an excellent tool to learn and visually inspect the floor of your dreams in a home like yours. Don’t believe everything that is on the Internet!  Here are some tips to spot misinformed articles. Often, manufacturers and blogs lead homeowners to believe their floor is 100% impenetrable to all types of scratches, pets, kids and stains. They make it appear as if cleaning is automatic; that robots or little elves come out and clean your floor while you are sleeping. Installation is always shown as that it’s “so easy even a child can install the product.” Again, this is far from the truth. You need all the correct products, the right adhesives, and the proper tools. Most do not have the correct tools and would have to purchase them. This would increase the cost of the floor by $300-$500. Then, the knowledge to work the tools correctly along with the patience and time afforded to install with the right adhesive, moisture tests, expansion joints, correct subfloor and knowing the differences between what is correct and not correct

Why Choose Hardwood Floors over other Hard Surface Flooring?

Hardwood is what people want in their home. Natural beauty, uniqueness, warmth, back to nature, complete neutral decorating (goes with everything) and residual value to your home are some of the few reasons why hardwood is a good choice. On average, hardwood adds an 80% residual value to your home, with every $10,000 that you spend adds $8,000 more to your home value. Real estate agents have also found it easier for people to sell their homes with hardwood floors. Stunning textures, colors and width dominate the home in Oak, Maple, Birch, Walnut, Brazilian Cherry and many other exotic woods. A rustic retreat is accomplished with a hand scraped 7” wide White Oak in a dark color. A modern bright home in a 5” wide natural Maple or Acacia will make any home a showcase. These products are available in solid and engineered with a nail down, glue down or floated installation. An educated sales associate will work with you to review the cost and benefits of each wood and installation.

Before & After Photos of Window Replacement

At Tom Adams Windows and Carpets, our results speak for themselves.

Check out these before and after images of a window replacement done by us.

Best of Bucks County 2016


We Won The Best of Bucks County 2016 for Windows & Doors! 

This is the 13th year in a row that Tom Adams Windows & Carpets has won The Best of Bucks County. We would like to thank all our customers for voting for us. We appreciate your business and want to continue beautifying your home for many years to come.

Click here to view our article in The Courier Times about Tom Adams Windows and Carpets being in business for a little over 6 decades.

Click here to view a video on our business that was created by The Courier Times.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Maintenance

mohawk-kitchen-sceneBASIC MAINTENANCE 
Sweep, Swift or vacuum floors regularly to remove any dust or debris. Avoid using a vacuum with a beater bar. Damp-mop as needed with clean water and diluted floor cleaner. Harsh cleaning chemicals shouldn’t be used on luxury vinyl flooring.  Use Bona Hard Surface cleaner along with a micro-mop for best cleaning.


  • Use blinds or drapes to block sunlight during peak hours or purchase high energy windows for permanent protection. 
  • Use felt pads for frequently moved furniture to prevent scratching. Opt for nonstaining large surface floor protectors for heavy furniture and appliances. 
  • Clean up spills immediately. 

Invest in high-quality non-rubber floor mats for an extra layer of protection. Place the mats at entrances and exits to collect and trap corrosive substances that can be tracked in, like dirt, sand, oil, grit, asphalt, and even driveway sealer.

Ceramic Tile Maintenance

tile-design-trends-card-5BASIC MAINTENANCE
Sweep or vacuum floors to remove any dust or debris before using any cleaning products. Damp-mop your tile floor at least once each week (more frequently for heavy traffic areas) to decrease wear and abrasion from grit and soil. 

Clean regularly with an all-purpose, non-oil-based household cleaner that’s compatible with cleaning grout joints. Use an everyday multipurpose spray cleaner to remove soap scum, hard water deposits, and mildew on wall tiles in your bath or shower. Do not use harsh powders or scouring powders on high glaze or shiny wall tiles. This may cause permanent scratching

Use concentrated tile cleaners that have a neutral pH for regular cleaning. These will safely remove grease, oils, and normal spills—just check to be sure the cleaner is intended for the application, use, and traffic level. Clean glass tile with any nonabrasive cleaner recommended for either glass or tile. 


  • Test scouring powders and sealants on a small area before cleaning the full area. 
  • Use a sealer on grout joints shortly after installation and use products compatible with cleaning grout joints. 
  • After cleaning, rinse the entire area with clear water to remove any cleaning solution residue. 
  • Have any damaged or broken tile removed and replaced only by Tom Adams Service Department.
  • Never Flood Floors under any circumstance

Hardwood Maintenance

hardwood-design-trends-card-1How to Maintain  Hardwoord Flooring

  • Keep pets’ nails trimmed and their paws clean. Pets can track in substances that cause scratching and stains. 
  • Use a humidifier during the winter when you heater is in use to help reduce wood shrinkage and humidity between 35% and 55%. 
  • Use a dihumidifier during summer to reduce moisture caused by air conditioner. Humidity should be 35% to 55%.
  • Solid Hardwood have a greater tendency to gap during winter months especially the wider the wood the larger the gap.
  •  Wipe up spills and spots immediately, to stop water wicking into surface.
  • Vacuum or sweep your floor regularly with a soft-bristled attachment or broom, especially in high-traffic areas. This prevents gritty dirt and particle buildup that can scratch the wood’s surface. Don’t use vacuums with a beater bar or power rotary brush head. 
  • Use protective window coverings to block fade-causing UV rays and excessive heat from direct sunlight. Most wood types will gradually age when not covered, so it’s a good idea to rearrange rugs and furniture periodically to help it age evenly.
  • Tom Adams recommends Bona Hardwood Cleaner or Hardsurface Cleaner along with a micro mop or a dry swifter.
  • Always protect your hardwood floor with leg protectors and replace at least once a year, or as needed in heavy traffic areas such as foyer and kitchen
A Tip From Our Service Manager

Do NOT use any steam cleaners for your hardwood floor or rubber mats that may swell or discolor your floor permanently.